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Drills for soccer player

This site is for players/parents and coaches. We are offering soccer drill videos with which soccer skills will be improved. These drills are developed for players in their 24 first months of training but can be used from other players as repetition as well.

There are 22 exercises combined into 30 lessons. This website is free - no registration needed - no advertising.

Learning a music instrument - you have to practice daily. Same with soccer. Only with a lot of daily practicing you will improve your skills. We recommend to absolve 1 lesson a day.  There are 5 exercises in a lesson. You need 1 minute for an exercise. This is 5 minutes a day or 35 minutes a week - additionally to you soccer lessons. Your motions will be improved and automated. For practicing no soccer pitch is needed.  It can be done in a park, garden, backyard or on asphalt. All you need is a ball.

Use these exercises once a week for 15 minutes in your practice. Motivate your players to practice at home. Give them specific exercises to practice. Important - practicing at home should be voluntary.

An now - have fun!

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